About Auto World


Welcome to "Auto World of Pleasanton".

Our story began 30 years ago when the original Owner Mr Adel Saadeh grew a Dream, a Vision, and Passion to become "the Costco of the Car Business". With that top of mind, "Alameda County Auction" was born for the main Purpose of offering the Public of California a phenomenal Opportunity to Own the Vehicle of their dream at a "Wholesale Value" by saving Thousands of dollars.

Mr George Najjar had heard of Adel's story and success, and shortly after became a fan. The two of them met in August of 2002, and they "tied the knot". Having mastered the art of retail, finance, and unparalleled customer service in the automobile industry for over 15 years, George developed a greater vision of teaming up with Adel and introducing a "greater value proposition" to the Public Auction Customers. Both companies started enjoying tremendous success, and earned the status of becoming the 7th Largest Independent Dealership in the State of California. Customers were exceptionally pleased with the savings, and customer service. over 66,000 vehicles have been delivered since.

Even though over 75% of customers were extremely pleased, few were not. It is rather impossible to keep everyone happy, Adel and George understood. The takeoff of Social Media took a little toll as the unhappy customers, and rightly so, started to share their experience. Both of them decided to regroup and rebrand; and with the same mission in mind, and that is to stay "the Costco of the car business", a decision to stop the Auction and focus on the retail and customer satisfaction side of the business, while maintaining the integrity of the great savings and value proposition of the company. "Auto World of Pleasanton" was born in August of 2015.

We would like to invite you to visit our establishment and experience for yourself the great value proposition and save "thousands of dollars". We work tirelessly hard to find YOU, our beloved customer, a great vehicle at the lowest price possible in the Northern California market, and we do that day in and day out. You are THE REASON and PURPOSE to "why" we do what we do. Have a Blessed day, thank you for reading, and we look forward to serving your need soon as well.



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